Worship Team

Worship is not necessarily music.  Music is a wonderful tool that the church has used to aid people to engage the Lord in worship.  However, we believe that music is not to be the focus of worship.  A song can be a powerful thing.  You can hear a song on the radio that takes you back to a memory and a flood of emotions will come to your mind.  Many of us can fondly remember the songs that were being sung in church during times of significance in our lives such as our salvation or a powerful moment at an altar when God spoke deeply to our hearts.  These are very real moments that none of us will ever forget.

Music is a powerful communicator that only God could make.  It is not our goal as worship leaders to connect people to a song, a personality, or even a musical style.  Our goal is to create an environment in which people are encouraged to give worship to God.  If we do our part correctly, the worship team will fade away behind a curtain of praise while all attention is directed toward the Savior.  Worship is when we bow low and lift Him up. Worship begins as an attitude of the heart before it manifests itself as a musical expression.  We were created to Worship.